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  • Letters To The Freethought Today Editor
    Letters To The Freethought Today Editor Because our Freethought Today paper, its pages & column capacity having limits, we've created this Letter To The Editor "overflow" forum for you to reach out and speak to the editor. If your letter doesn't make it into the paper for some reason please feel free to post it here right now. Thank you.

    If you have concerns about the separation of church and state or other timely violations to bring to the attention to the FFRF please email legal@ffrf.org. Before emailing, first check our legal http://www.ffrf.org/faq

    Please do not post violation queries as letters to the editor in the forum because we may not see them in a timely fashion.


    Thank You for reaching out to our Freethought Today newspaper. Your comments are important to us.
  • Discuss Freethought Today Articles and Columns
    React to authors, discuss current articles, ask questions. All thoughts welcomed and appreciated.
  • FFRF Published Books
    Write reviews, discuss passages, pose questions to fellow members, form a book club for in-depth analysis and ask the author to join in for an "event."
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation Member Discussion
    Meet, debate, engage, support, encourage, share, and discuss.
  • god debates
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Meetups/Local Groups
  • National and D.C. based groups
  • NorthEast
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • South East
  • Midwest
  • Gulf States
  • Mountain States
  • North West
  • Freethought Radio
    Talk about the latest broadcast, recommend guests, input for interview questions.
  • FFRF Annual Convention
    Discuss the annual convention. Catch up with friends you've met in Chicago. Upload pictures you promised to share when you got home. Start planning meet ups for SEATTLE!
  • Student's Forum
    Form an atheist club on your campus today!
  • Ex?
    Ex-Catholics, Ex-Fundies, Ex-Mormons, Ex-Muslims, Ex-Agnostics. . . discuss the dark side here.
  • Activism
    Get involved. Let us know what strategies work effectively in persuasion. Upload pictures of your successful campaign. Discuss upcoming events.